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FIFA 16 continues to rank the first on UK entity game sales

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On the chart of UK entity game sales during the latest week, FIFA 16 continues to rank NO.1, and has not been shaken by several new works which for sale from last week. Lego-dimensional on the second place followed by NBA 2K16.

The TOP-10 game List: .

1. FIFA 16.

2. Lego-dimensional.

3. NBA 2K16.

4. Destiny: The Taken king.

5. Forza 6.

6. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

7. Metal Gear Solid 5: phantom pain.

8. Skylanders:Superchargers.

9. GTA5.

10. Mad Max.

Tsutaya which is largest retailer in Japan also announced the game sales. .

1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, PS3.

2. Tokyo Xanadu, PS Vita.

3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, PS4.

4. A Land Without Night, PS4.

5.Picross3D 2,3DS.

6. A Land Without Night,PSV.

7. Super Mario production, Wii U.

8.Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, 3DS.

9. The Arslan Senki x Musou, PS3.

10. A Land Without Night, PS3.

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