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FIFA 16 is one of the most popular games on Mobile Platform.

The latest game sales on UK have been released, not surprisingly, the new FIFA 16 ranking No.1. However, on the first week sales, FIFA 16 fell 7% than FIFA 15.If you want to learn more latest news about FIFA 16, Vist here.

FIFA 16 has launched worldwide, so what do you think about this new FIFA 16? Here, I’ll show you my experiences on FIFA 16.

The gameplay of FIFA is based on the competition of your own team and other powerful opponent team. There’re many leagues from various countries can choose for FIFA 16 gamers, you can choose according to your favorite club or for a certain favorite players. Of course, the players on your team are not fixed and you will be able to build your ideal team from by purchasing high-level players from the transfer Market with FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins.

The authenticity has always been the main theme of FIFA. For beginners, early goal may not be easy and you can be familiar with the operation of three buttons on the right side firstly. And you must be aware of what operating instructions the button will switch under various situations. The choice of tactics is also very important.

Overall, the experience of FIFA 16 is well, though there are some disadvantages, but still is the most popular games on the mobile platform. So come to enjoy your time in FIFA 16 on the mobile Platform and build your ideal FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. FIFA 16 Gamers also can purchase FIFA 16 coins for iOS, FIFA 16 Android Coins to buy the players you like on the transfer Market. Now Utcoinsell.com will provide you FIFA 16 Coins at the most competitive prices with 5-minute delivery. 24/7 live chat offered to help you buy FIFA 16 Coins quickly and safely on Utcoinsell.com.