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The impressions and experiences in the game play in FIFA 16

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Here, we’ll show you impressions and experiences in FIFA 16. The game play is very important for FIFA 16 players.

1.when the players enter the game for the first time; the system will determine the level of the players’ start season according to the performance and record in FIFA 15. High level of players will be arranged directly in a high level league.

2.There’re some different video playing on the right corner of the main screen, for example, game videos, teaching video, etc.

3.when the players are in the main interface without any operation, there will be some 3D details of your support Team.

4.There's a new option on the main interface. XBOX ONE Users can jump directly to FIFA 16 on TWITCH as long as you install the APP of TWITCH .

5.There’s not much difference between the official version and the demo, but better than FIFA 15. We do not need to worry about the screen, because the weather system has been added a lot choices, especially foggy weather. When you’re with the new NIKE ball which consists of white with red, green and orange and sometimes the performance is not clear to see the ball.

6.The improvement on shoot, not be difficult as demo version. It become relatively simple and do not need too long time to hit power button for shoot.

7.FIFA 16 has done a great job on the physical characteristics of the players. There’s rarely unreasonable, unrealistic performance. Player collisions, physical confrontation, dribble moves as well as the inertia of the performance are very reasonable. Whether the player is speed-type, technical type or strength type is useful on your Team.

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