NBA China Games Promotion Partner Chinese sports industry needs to find the ‘benchmarking’

October 15 Xinhua News Agency Shanghai sports news title: NBA China Games hot behind the Chinese sports industry needs to find the ‘benchmarking’ – Dialogue ‘the players’ high macro’ hot from the NBA China Games, the Chinese sports industry how to find international ‘benchmarking’ (corresponding to the subject matter) ‘This is the NBA China Games 2015 promotion partner – Sport window Culture Co., Ltd. CEO Gao Hong as the players’ thinking. Since 2004, first came to China, this year the Clippers and Hornets in Shenzhen and Shanghai, ‘performed the’, NBA China Games has gone through 11 years.

Standing on the second decade of the new starting point, this high-profile event in a number of aspects of innovation. By Gao Hong’s words, ‘a new pattern, a new city, a new starting point.’ This includes window sports event promotion to become partners, to create China’s sports industry in cooperation with the NBA China Games operations ‘precedent.’ It is understood that the past is the NBA China Games event promotion work undertaken by the US company AEG. After 10 years of development, NBA China Games began to explore new business model, look for event promotion partners from China.

After nearly a year of study assessment, completion of an important window sports a NBA China Games history. In high macro view, sport is currently in a outbreak of top events is the focus of the focus belongs. ‘NBA is the most successful commercial operation of a tournament, the operator an NBA game, a lot of the sports industry’s dream.’ Obtained the right to operate the NBA China Games, let Gao Hong feel ‘very excited, very proud,’ but a more
click here realistic The issue before: how pre-tournament publicity, strengthen the interaction between race and the city, rather than as before, is only a game or two? ‘Through into the business, into the community, evokes a love for sports, so that people watch sporting events has become a lifestyle, not just to watch, from simple event into a social hot spot,’ said Gao Hong.

Whether Shenzhen or Shanghai, airports, hotels, streets, everywhere posters NBA China Games, plus the bus filled with NBA basketball flag parade across the city, NBA China Games elements throughout every corner of the two cities. Acer seems high compared with previous years the NBA China Games, this year’s event to strengthen the interaction with the city, as the impact of the Olympic Movement on a city and even a country, NBA China Games also emphasis on a city’s influence, mobilize the enthusiasm of the city and not just the scene over ten thousand enthusiastic fans. Last October, the State Council issued the ‘Opinions on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Opinion’), the deployment actively expand the supply of sports goods and services, and promote the sports industry has become an important force for economic transformation and upgrading, promote mass sports and comprehensive development of competitive sports, accelerate the construction of sports power, and continuously meet the people’s growing demand for sports. This year’s NBA China Games are ‘opinions’ after the introduction of the first held. As one of the event organizer, said Gao Hong, China’s sports industry has only just begun, has not really usher in the explosive.