NBA business sense is not an ordinary high

Field, Jeremy Lin led the Hornets brothers hard performance, often staged difficult shots; the next field, a low-key audience sat up, sit down, can lead filled the entire Mercedes – Benz Center fans cheers. With the ‘eternal legend’ Michael Jordan sitting on the sidelines, along with Jeremy Lin slipped on getting more and more Chinese, NBA China Games in Shanghai station Not surprisingly full house, a lot of fans is spending heavily in Hangzhou, only personally look idol. NBA China Games have been 11 years old, from 2004 with the Rockets Yao Ming ‘home’ sensation, dull gradually to previous years, this year’s return and then madness, in the description of a problem, as long as the star big enough, as long as there Chinese elements, fans will cheer.

To the heart of Hangzhou Super Idol fans willing to spend time and money if anyone still remember last year’s NBA China Games, the competition is which two teams? Kings and Nets. Garnett has been gradually relegated to second-tier teams was the largest brand of players, just play to play for a while soy sauce, not only the fans can not fill the stadium, even the reporters rarely, outside the stadium, ‘cattle’ in the hands of Tickets are almost half of the sales. And in a year of low tide, we are discussing whether the NBA China Games has suffered bottleneck, never expected, this year’s event has ushered in a scene bursting with popularity. The first stop in Shenzhen station is the first held since the local games in China, but also to make people understand popular hot, the last two days fought accustomed to seeing scenes of Shanghai, is also diminished enthusiasm of the fans. Reporters on the sidelines before the game asking around and found this
2k16 mt year’s China Cup tickets hard to get a ticket, the fare infield vip highest official price is 16,888 yuan, while in the hands of cattle, the fare box has two million Scoop . One hour before the game, cattle in the hands of the fare has doubled. Although yesterday a weekday, there are still many fans specially arrived in Hangzhou to Shanghai to see the game. Zheng policy is a ball looked ten years, a senior fans, and for the Chinese game the two teams line-up, he was very familiar. The policy Zheng buy tickets for a box, more than 16:00 from Hangzhou, hurriedly rushed to Shanghai to see the game, ‘had previously been in front of the television, there is the opportunity to look at the scene, the feeling is completely different, and The many different Chinese game meaning ah, look at the field Lin, see Jordan next field, it is a rare opportunity. ‘As Jordan’s’ iron ‘, Mr. Lu also made a special trip this time arrived in Shanghai from Hangzhou, a wish when young round . ‘The go, even if you look at him, it can be considered a complete desire.’ The year was still studying Mr Lu, witnessed the Jordan comeback after retiring again won three championships glory, ‘At that time also identify all the relevant His video, which he lost badly.

When the NBA legend Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing, Yao Ming at center court seating gap appeared, the game reached a climax Shanghai Railway Station, while the same and Lo Jordan has feelings of the fans, but also be got it. Big plus local brand very shrewd business sense NBA NBA China Games last year when left out, some people thinking that nobody cares about winning or losing the game,
buy nba mt how to remain attractive, in fact, very simple, the big players add Chinese elements. Recall that over the years the Chinese race, not difficult to draw such a conclusion. 2004 China Cup is by far the most influential one, in addition to experience authentic NBA game for the first time, the two participating teams – Rockets and Kings have numerous NBA first-line star: Rockets Tracy McGrady, the king of Webber, Peja and Divac, etc., more importantly, the two teams have Chinese local players, the Rockets Yao Ming was already a firm foothold in the NBA, and the king signed Yao Ming in Shanghai teammate Liu Wei, it is so much the NBA China Games Chinese players showdown this element. After several games in China are just two elements of each one, so far no one can surpass 2004 Chinese race. This year’s China Cup is different, in the entry list announced, everyone first thought is that as the Hornets boss, Jordan will definitely come to China, which means that the batch of the Bulls dynasty Fans have the opportunity to ‘pilgrimage’, and in the summer, the Hornets signed Jeremy Lin in turn, just turn to fill the ‘local elements’ this demand.

No wonder either record or array of big stars are not the Hornets and Clippers, in the popular Chinese game is completely prevail. By early retired in Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian away from the NBA, Jeremy Lin limited appeal of the case, China’s growing appetite Diao fans, how to make the NBA China Games popularity continues, is the NBA needs to be resolved. Xuzhou Qi also is the NBA’s next move to expand the Chinese market nirvana.