Microsoft Cologne exhibition games before the review conference Halo Wars 2 announced

Microsoft Cologne exhibition games before the conference began, after a burst of greeting, first introduced the Microsoft currently important job, and that is the integration of Microsoft’s PC and XboxOne resources in the two platforms, and to achieve this goal is the most important tool for Win10 systems. By Win10 system, Microsoft will provide players the best gaming experience.

Meanwhile, Phil on stage to introduce the August 4 has just been launched in the “Rare game collection”, and all the audience were presented a game.

First up is XboxOne heavyweight exclusive game “Quantum broken!” First to note is that the protagonist of the image completely revised, its shape and modeling into a famous Hollywood actor. In the game’s latest trailer, in addition to showing a strong protagonist of quantum control, but also to show a lot of important information about Time Machine, etc., it seems to have a great ability to lead contact.

“Quantum broken” on sale officially identified as the April 5, 2016, the unit not to postpone this for you.

In addition, the “quantum broken” There are a live-action TV series of the same name, and the game is devoted to a different main character, the story of the TV series devoted to the civilian population under the same concept of time.

Followed by the debut of the “Crackdown 3”, this for four more emphasis on cooperation, greater sandbox maps, more capacity, the new city. The game has a lot of very impressive destructible elements, the emphasis is on using this as sabotage to create! ʱ?? 2016 sale.

The next stage is XB1 exclusive game “Dragon Fam” Hideki Kamiya at the scene of the real machine demo! This was in an A · RPG, human protagonist arms manipulated by the player with large swords and bows and arrows, etc., is a dragon companion.The protagonist can be transformed, but also can use a similar paralysis trap props, it looks like “Monster Hunter” + “Cry” + “conquer” (microblogging), etc. mixture.

In addition, there are four people cooperate final game mode! Release date for the 2016 holidays.