Massacre! Clippers hit China lost 42 points and a season record of Paul awkward background

YORK, October 14 reported: NBA China Games today started the second war, the results of
buy nba 2k16 mt the Clippers to 71-113 defeat to the Hornets 42 points difference but also made history the biggest points difference record in the NBA China Games. NBA China Games are held since 2004, a total of nine sessions held during the 11 years. This is the 9th game, both points difference in a ball of hair’s breadth
cheap 2k16 mt victory, but also took part in a huge difference in the strength of clear.

In the 2013 NBA China Games, the Lakers and the Warriors has created the previous record maximum points difference. It was October 18 China conducted a second war game, due to injury reasons, the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant failed to number one battle, the Lakers and his audience is passive, is firmly in control of the Warriors, the final score lose 89-115 to the opponent, 26-point gap before today is China’s largest points difference in race history. In that game, the Lakers scored in double figures only one that Gasol’s 16 points, he also grabbed seven rebounds, while others are mediocre. Warriors is exactly the opposite, they struck the first blow, which David – Lee had 16 points, Andre Iguodala added 14 assists, seven rebounds and five steals. But after the Warriors field core Curry campaign play in the doldrums, only 5 points. The highest score of his backcourt mate Thompson, he was under the H-25 points.

Clippers game today can be quite embarrassing, 42-point gap is clearly exceeded everyone’s expectations. There are friends laugh, this ball reminiscent of the year when Paul New Orleans Hornets in the playoffs created a huge losing 58 points points difference. Data, today Paul back, surrendered 17 points, 6 assists, but five turnovers. Griffin had 14 points and 14 rebounds. Little Jordan received only
buy nba 2k16 mt 3 points, 4 rebounds. No one scored in double figures off the bench. The Hornets are all hot, especially Lin, under the H-13 points, 5 rebounds. Jefferson 17 points and 6 rebounds. Batum 14 points, 10 rebounds.

But the Clippers this summer signings continue, to create a league known as the strongest lineup. Now their performance in China is so dismal season, aiming to win for the Clippers up and down, it is probably not a good signal.