Marchisio I am disappointed to lose but gain something of

In Italy in
official website Brussels with 1 to 3 loss to Belgium. After the start of the game only three minutes, Candreva will lead to Italy, but Belgium with Virgin through Hang, within and Bashuyayi goals, and ultimately win the game. Belgium is one of the favorites to win the European Cup next year, we know they are a very strong team, Marchisio represented. The results look a little bad, but in fact this is a chance to like the game, we also created a chance, forcing the other goalkeeper to make some good saves.

Im disappointed we lost, but we still can gain from. Although this is a friendly, but people are always sad to lose, but we know each other is one of the worlds most powerful team. Unfortunately, our personal mistakes are fatal. This race to the first 39 minutes, the referee suspended the game, as in May 1985 in the Heysel tragedy in silence for the victims of 39. We came here to participate in this time of mourning, it was a very touching commemoration, we can never forget that tragedy.