Manchester United deal CONFIRMED: FIFA 17 strikes significant blow to PES 2017

FIFA 17 developer EA Sports gas struck a blow to PES 2017 by signing a massive look after Manchester United.
The three-year partnership provides Fifa 17 coins developer EA Sports exclusive access to Manchester United stars like Paul Pogba and Wayne Rooney.
As outlined by EA Sports, the developer will get access towards the Manchester United players for an exclusive tournament inside the course from the season, despite the fact that FIFA 17 gaming pods will likely be setup at Old Trafford along with the Aon Instruction Complicated.
Manchester United also look in EA’s brand new single-player mode, The Journey, which sees a young rookie reside out his dream of playing inside the Premier League.
Nevertheless the main advantage within the partnership is going to be the on the net element with the game, that will give fans special access to the group – at the least depending on EA Sports.
“Fans will most likely be inside a position to access thrilling content, including interactive experiences, social campaigns, wallpapers and FIFA 17 UT Coin covers they’re able to download from, delivering new and innovative tactics for supporters to obtain closer for the Club,” reads a statement.