Madzic the end not to renew a fake message wanted to retire in the national security

Beijing Guoan in the sponsor’s arrangements, in the body of the field work being filmed Edition family portrait. Since that ‘dress up the best team and see’ Madzic, BTV Sports News in an interview, also talking about the topic of his contract. Madzic said, ‘after the national security of the season not to renew with their news is false news. He hopes to retire in the national security, but also to play another 2012.’

In the National Security
fifa coins being installed version family portrait shooting scene, several national security players morph type male, there are quite a few suits to wear after a bit awkward. In this regard, Madzic smiled with Chinese said, ‘the team has several people wear suits very good to see, there are a few ugly. But who does not look good, I can not say on television, I had finished with them privately. As for my good or bad ? What do you think?

I’m the best looking! Yang Zhi wearing dress is also nice, because his body pricey. ‘Taking advantage of good mood, Madzic also talking about a contract extension with the national security. For this sensitive issue, specially when Madzic interview also answered it twice with the British and Chinese language, he said, ‘I saw the end of the national security of the season, not with my contract news. I do not know
fifa 16 coins which is which television website reported the news was wrong! I Guoan club also did not talk about a contract extension. I’m very comfortable living in Beijing, Beijing is my second home, where the fans know how much I love this city and this team. I think national security is China’s biggest club, I like to retire here, where the retired sense, and retirement is not the same in other places. ‘Madzic also privately told reporters that he would not be in this retire after the season, he wants to play another one or two seasons.Read More: