Mad burst milk shake legs flying goddess hottest fighting games TOP24

Today, the game more or less playing the role of sister vase, even a key figure in the plot, or an important push, it will inevitably scantily clad, attractive appearance. The allure of what the game can do to maximize my sister? Nature is the fighting game!

Fighting games have added the role of women is nothing surprising things, think in this bloody, sweating in the world, added a few wearing Madden, she gratifying role of women is what kind of concept! Today we bring the cat car hottest fighting game goddess, with a look!

24. Jacqui Briggs– “Mortal Kombat 10”

In this ultra-bloody and brutal fighting series, it has added a new work and new roles. Jacqui Briggs and her father Jaques, like, will have iron and goddess-like body. Two rocket tube arm is God make you cool.