Lu media Shandong Luneng official termination Cui Peng

According to Shandong Qilu Network News, Shandong Luneng club has officially and players Cui Peng complete surrender, the absolute main Luneng once in the 28 years of the golden age are facing a situation without the ball can be kicked. Cui Peng, born in 1987, 18 years old to enter the super first team, and soon occupy the main position, with Luneng get over 2006, 2008, 2010, three Super League champions, but as has been plagued by weight problems in Anthich KUKA men Cui Peng few appearances in 2014, Cui Peng in the second half of the season was loaned to the armor Chengdu Tiancheng, 2015 season, he is unsuccessful return Luneng Luneng Super League list, he was originally with Luneng contract to 2017.

Cui Peng, born in 1987 can be said to be famous boy, 2005 World Youth Championship Cui Peng played with the National Youth Team, beat Ukraine 3-2 group stage game, Cui Peng also gains a goal, the Chinese team that session of the World Youth Championship final to top the group stages, that session of the National Youth team also Gao Lin, Hao Junmin, Zhao Xuri, Feng Xiaoting, Chen Tao, Zhu Ting so famous. Cui Peng Luneng team coach was also popular Tuba appreciated, the league and the AFC are to occupy the main position, and was named Gao Hongbo led the Orangemen, Cui Peng had unlimited future football career was destroyed injuries and weight, body mass grave He exceeded even by the next team ultimatum: do not lose weight to sell, while Cui Peng
fifaultimateteams was also trying to lose weight back in the squad, but his status is also difficult to return to the past.

2014 Cui Peng was loaned to the A Chengdu Tiancheng, but failed to help the team complete relegation, but after the reunification Luneng defeated the 2015 Super League team list, then even heard Cui Peng appeared amateur stadium, body fat and he almost let people can not and former football star linked. Today, Cui Peng Luneng termination, at the age of 28 have to face a golden age of football without the ball can be kicked, had to feel sorry, Zhufu Cui Peng future endeavors.