Louvel: “a courageous decision”.

Jean-Pierre Louvel, president of le Havre, entrusted us its satisfaction after thedecision of the Executive Committee of the FFF to refuse reform of the LFP onascents and descents. It welcomes a brave decision and now called the leadersof the french to discuss peaceful football.

Jean-Pierre Louvel, what is your initial reaction to the decision of the ExecutiveCommittee of the FFF to cancel the crossing of two ups and two downs reform?


The Federation is in its role as the football referee. The president of theFederation is the patron of french football and the Executive Committee is the authority. After, there is a delegation of professional football, we are all agreedon it, but I think that it needs to focus on the global governance of football. Allevents that have happened are largely from the need to reform the governanceof all of professional football.
It is a decision that you expected?


It is a courageous decision. Expected a bit but we must recognize that it iscourageous.
The LFP has already announced that it would file an action for interim reliefbefore the Council of State. Do you fear that the situation is not clarified beforethe start of the season?


We went to lengthy procedures. Now, I still think once it‘s time to stop all thesecontroversies and to get together around a table to reposition both thegovernance and the role of each and find the football unit. Anyway, this is goodfor anyone. Nobody takes advantage of this decision and this situation. It all hasan interest in dialogue.