Lonzo Ball Appears Shirtless in NBA 2K18 Glitch

Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball is generating his video game debut in an unexpected way because of an NBA 2K18 glitch.

In his very first look around the hit NBA 2K MT basketball video game franchise, Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball seemingly got a bit far more exposure than he probably anticipated. As revealed by YouTube user Dre Wonders this week, an apparent glitch left the standout former UCLA point guard shirtless in the upcoming game’s box score menu, a glaring oversight for a young player who already has his own branded line of merchandise.

In the looks of issues, the glitch was present each in Ball’s out-of-game box score image and in an in-game efficiency update. In each situations, a hunched-over digital version of Ball was shown shirtless “nipples and all.” You’ll be able to see the glitch within the video beneath, though be warned, it consists of some decidedly NSFW language.

NBA 2K18 is due to be released to the basic public on Sept. 29, but people today who pre-ordered the game got it a couple of days early. That’s how this footage of the Lonzo Ball glitch created it for the online now instead of next week. Presumably, this indicates the 2K team has been produced aware of the problem, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it really is fixed by the time the game really drops in retailers and around the digital download markets.

Despite nominal competitors from the NBA Live 18 Coins franchise more than the past a number of years, the NBA 2K series has had a dominant grip on the basketball video game industry throughout the last decade, and this year’s iteration is widely expected to continue that run.

NBA 2K18 doesn’t hit the shelves till September 19, but early releases are already readily available to those who pre-ordered the game.