Lakers’ Byron Scott: Kobe ‘hinted to me that this could be his last year’


Since final March, Kobe Bryant has been hinting that this season will probably be his last. He reiterated his stance this previous Saturday, and in accordance with Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott, Bryant told him that he wants to play as substantially as he can this season because it could indeed be his final.

From ESPN’s Baxter Holmes:

“That’s the first time that he hinted to me that this could be his last year,” Scott mentioned Sunday ahead of the Lakers faced the&New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Scott mentioned he expects Bryant to start play both games of an upcoming back-to-back set Tuesday in Miami and then Wednesday in Orlando since, as Scott stated, Bryant told him, ” ‘Coach, again, this might be my last year, so if possible, I would like to try to play every game.’ ”

Scott added, “I’m with that with him and we’ll see how it plays out.”

So far Bryant’s 20th season has not gone that great as the Lakers star looks like a shell of 2k16 MT his former self, forcing shots and missing jumpers. But if this is actually Bryant’s final season in the NBA, you have to admire how he is going out swinging. As one of the greatest players ever, Bryant has never apologized for how he’s played, and competing despite any odds facing him. So it makes perfect sense that Bryant’s NBA 2k16 MT possible final season will similar to his previous 19.