La Liga Roundup Valencia 5-1 Celta

2015/16 season, the Spanish Football League 11 expand more than the competition, Valencia 5 to 1 victory away to Celta Vigo, Levante 1 to 1 home draw with Deportivo, Getafe Away 1 3 loss Ewald, Rayo Vallecano at home 2 to 1 Lectra Granada, Betis 1-0 away victory over Malaga. Valencia 5 to 1 victory away to Celta Vigo. The first 13 minutes, Parejo Direct, Paco 13 yards low shot to break. Celta equalized 24 minutes, gas corner melee header ferry, Augusto – Fernandez headed home a small restricted area on the left. The first 45 minutes, Parejo 20 yards free kick directly into the top left corner. Opening the second half only 28 seconds, Paco grab back pass single-pole low shot inside the edge of the area network failures.

The first 64 minutes, Paco pass, Parejo 14 yards low shot bottom right corner. The first 79 minutes, Parejo right pass, Mustafi small edge hoisting break. Levante 1-1 draw at home to Deportivo La Coruna. The first 22 minutes, Gutierrez pass, Lucas – Perez left the restricted area single-handedly launched into the near corner. Levante 53rd minute equalizer, Camarasa restricted area arc outside the direct free kick shot, the ball went through the wall and bounced into the net. Getafe away 1 to 3 loss to Ewald. The first 16 minutes, Sergio – fire break Enrich corner melee inside
fut 17 coins the restricted area small. Getafe The first 22 minutes was equalized Lafita passing, Victor – Left Rodriguez launched into the far corner of the penalty area 14 yards. The first 29 minutes, Saul return into the restricted area on the left, Sergio – Enrich small restricted area before the shot networks. The first 61 minutes, Damien – Soares inside the penalty area Sergio – Enrich foul sent off, Saul penalty shot. Rayo Vallecano home to 2 to 1 Lectra Granada. The first three minutes, Tito restricted the right pass, Pablo – Hernandez edge of the area within a shot, but Graham small edge shovel broke. The first 10 minutes, Bibby right pass deflection, Granada close before the point shovel into the net.

Castro first 19 minutes accumulated two yellow cards sent off. The first
fifa coins buy 53 minutes, Petey corner, a small edge of the area Babin hoisting break. Betis 1-0 away victory over Malaga. The first 64 minutes, Barrera passing, Ruben – Castro broke into the restricted area on the left side 10 yards single-handedly Tuishe far corner of the net. In yesterday’s game, Real Sociedad 2-0 away defeat to Las Palmas. The first 28 minutes, Vicente – Gomez header ferry, a small restricted area before Vieira Dianshe volley into the net. The first 51 minutes, Tana pass, Araujo left the restricted area low shot from 12 yards.