La Liga Preview Sevilla vs Real Madrid – Bell back

11th round of La Liga, Real Madrid will be a guest Pizjuan against Sevilla. The game Bell will return from injury, while Navas and Benzema will be sidelined. Then live it will also bring the game live netizens. Match properties: the first 11 La Liga Match Time: at 3:30 on November 9 Venue: Pizjuan game ANCHOR: Xiaoming game Aspect Aspect 1: Bell back, Navas missed Benzema Real Madrid coach Tony Benitez previously announced in Seville fighting off the big list, and did not see Benzema and Navas figure, it is learned Benzema still sidelined through injury, but Navas
official website is a minor also missed the field competition, the lack of Navas Real Madrid defender will be able to remain stable is a major highlight of the game.

On the other hand, Real Madrid also ushered in some of the good news, Bell will be back in the game, which first appeared in the game after J Lo is also expected to injury, Benitez finally do not have to recruit two teams teenager Mayoral a. Aspect 2: C Lo or encore battle big Paris-trick despite two rounds in the Champions League, C Luo were to score, but the league C Lo has recorded three consecutive rounds have scored, C Luo round face most Like rivals Sevilla, Portugal is expected to continue this momentum. Seville is C Lo’s favorite opponent, the league has 19 break Sevilla’s goal, is C Luo face La Liga rivals most goals, of which nearly 5 war into 10 balls. All
fifa 16 coins competitions, C Lo play against Sevilla has five hat-trick, which is also the largest number of opponents wearing a hat.

Sound before Benitez: ‘We know the game will be very difficult to play, need to concentrate, Sevilla have great coaches, great fans and a great team I am pleased ready appearance. preparation, he has missed 55 days, but I did not want him to play only one or two, but we hope he can battle the rest of the season. I have no intention to talk about Benzema, he is a very professional player, each of us .C Lo individuals know him? training he went into the 3 ball, good mood, brokers said he would retire at Real Madrid kicked, other have nothing to say. I have great confidence in Casilla, I do not want satisfied Gas adventure. ‘