La Liga – Barca Neymar two goals Su God burst 3-0

Watch video 2015/16 season, the Spanish Football League 11 ushered in a focus of the war, sits at home in the Camp Nou against Barcelona, ​​Villarreal. The first half both sides had no achievements, the second half Neymar volley to break the deadlock, Suarez burst icing on the cake, with Houneimaer volley world wave scored again, MSN combination of year 2015 reached 122 goals. Final, Barcelona beat Villarreal 3-0, a game in the standings ahead of Real Madrid, being ranked top of La Liga. The campaign before, Barcelona 8-2 La Liga with 24 points, goal difference than the same score because Real Madrid, currently ranked second in the league, midweek Champions League victory over Barcelona at home three goals Borisov, continues to lead the team standings; while Villarreal had 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, 20 points ranked the first five La Liga.

The two teams clash a total of 30 times in La Liga history, Barcelona 16 wins, six draws and 8 losses of absolute dominance. Lineup: the Rakitic because the midweek Champions League match injured and suspended, Bravo continued to serve as the starting goalkeeper, Pique and defender Mathieu partner, Roberto, Busquets and Iniesta midfielder composition triangle, trident striker Mounir is still a teenager and ‘God front
utcointradersonline SN combination.’ It is worth mentioning that Messi can not play because of injury nine games, ‘SN combination’ arranged the Barcelona 21 goals in the 18, but in the last six league matches, Barcelona scored 14 All goals from Neymar and Suarez, in which eight goals and six assists Neymar (4 gave Suarez), Suarez 9 goals and 3 assists (all gave Neymar). In addition, the number of combinations MSN Barcelona goals since 2015 has reached 119, of which Messi 45, Neymar 40, Suarez 34. The first half began, Barcelona played attacking football. The first seven minutes, the right side of Mounir restricted cross, Suarez arc volley wide of the goal. Just one minute later, another Suarez’s low shot in the left side of the penalty area, the ball again missed.

The first 18 minutes, Suarez restricted area pass in the left, the ball was out of the penalty area rival siege, Alves again towards the ball blasts opponents denied the bottom line. Seven minutes later, the bottom line at the left side of the penalty area Neymar accelerate Akira Castillejo, homeopathy small-angle volley was confiscated Porto Ola. The first 27 minutes, Barcelona hit back, Suarez restricted area before the left side of the ball, plug assists Mathieu foot volley was again Porto Ola brave saved. 2 minutes later, Villarreal hit back, Dennis – header from the center Soares inside the area over the bar. The first 36 minutes, Soldado 30 meters outside the restricted area before the long-range wide of the left post. Since then, both sides have some defensive action is too large, Iniesta and Mario have booked.