Julien Colmagro: ‘well appear in Excellence.


For two years, ASM Football has president Julien Colmagro. Originally from the commune, it is 5 years that he started football. At age 18, Julien and his friends want to assemble their own team from an agreement with Aussonne. After being coach of the teams 1 and 2 – logical – mondonvillois player takes up the torch and became president of the club.

As such, Julien Colmagro is in charge of monitoring and the visibility of the club, responsible for equipment and responsible for organization of the annual school football tournament. It takes stock of the past two years: first, it was wise for the club to have at its head a person who knows perfectly the club and its operation. I took the relay with knowledge of the points of improvement to make. In the first year, my goal was educators. Giving importance to this level, the school has experienced a clear evolution and continued on this path. The following year, 40 children more enrolled.

For the year 2015-2016, some changes are implemented. Maxime Montespan was appointed head of the school and ensure the proper functioning of the club and its teams. Agreements with Cornebarrieu/Beauzelle ended and teams from U6 to U15 are now in perfect autonomy.

The U15 will be coached by Jean-Michel Martinez, Jean-Michel Alves and Vincent Pico. Éric Pradère remains coach of team 1 with the difference that it will be helped this year by a Deputy, Stéphane Balant, formerly coach of team 2 for which Karim Moussaoui takes over. “Team 1 has now passed in Excellence and the goal for this year will be to stay there and well be missing, continues the president. Four new players have joined the team and the potential is there.

The re-entry of the club takes place on 17 August and 2 September for school football (possible inscriptions during training). With more than 210 dismissed last year, the club works and will be back this year at the various events of the municipality but also its own: its two lotos, its annual tournament and the feast of football.