Jean-Michel Roussier: “we are facing a problem of governance” between the LFP and the FFF

Elected member, self-employed, on the Board of Directors of the League, the former President of the OM Jean-Michel Roussier (1995-99) wondered who runs professional football, after the decision of the FFF to cancel two climbs and descents between L1 and L2 as soon as this season.

A technical decision, that does absolutely not affect the best interests of football was voted twice. Today, it is cancelled. Me, I voted for this decision and I am obviously supportive of the Board of Directors and its Chairman. This will at least allow us to know the reality of the power of the Board of Directors of the League, whose decisions are constantly discussed, challenged and, for some, subject to recourse before the courts, even by some administrators in the League. He had certainly come to this, it could no longer continue like this. We will know what the real power of the Board of Directors of the League.

Have reports complicated between Frédéric Thiriez and Noël Le Graët played a role in this conflict?

I am convinced that this is not a problem to report, as I am convinced that this is not a war between professional football and amateur. Professional football may not dispense with amateur football. It must be remembered that associations which have numbers of affiliation on behalf of the professional clubs are amateur associations. The reality is that we are facing a problem of governance: who governs today, professional football? At the moment there are decisions made by the Board of Directors, we respect them. The clubs are legitimately majority in the Board of Directors. They are investors, they are the ones who take risks, so it is they who must govern. The club must be at the centre of the debate, both for the professional soccer as for amateur football.