Jason Kidd’s surgery another hitch in Bucks’ challenging

The Milwaukee Bucks needed another complication to their season like they needed another gap in their problematic defense or another non-shooter in their growing collection. Yet on Sunday it was announced that head coach Jason Kidd would be undergoing hip surgery and would be out indefinitely. The surgery will address a chronic pain that has lasted long (click here to buy NBA 2k16 MT) season – NBA – SI.comenough for Kidd’s body to develop a tolerance to cortisone shots.“I’ve taken enough of the cortisone shots that they don’t work,” Kidd said (via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). “We put it off as long as we could.”According to Kidd’s initial projections, he hopes to return to his duties as head coach in two weeks. Assistant Joe Prunty, who has worked under Kidd since he became a coach in (come to www.nbamtcoin.com) 2013, will take over those responsibilities in the interim. If Kidd does indeed make his return in two weeks, he would miss only six games: home bouts against Philadelphia and Toronto followed by a four-game road trip through Dallas, (vist cheap MT Coins) Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis. Even with a Sixers’ win assumed, that’s far from an easy trip; the worst team of the remaining five has still played consistently better basketball than the Bucks.