Irving’s ‘I’m back’ could also be prophecy for LeBron, Cavs in title quest

The departure took place on the NBA’s grandest stage at (go to buy NBA 2K16 MT) the moment of maximum visibility: Kyrie Irving left Game 1 of the Finals with a season-ending knee injury, in overtime no less, having played an exceptional overall game. His absence, announced in bitter emotions post-game and confirmed later, didn’t strike the already undermanned Cavaliers’ dead on sight, but it strongly tilted the balance of the series to (go to buy NBA 2K16 MT) the Warriors, who eventually won in six.By contrast, the return, a moment for which Cleveland has been waiting more than six months, was announced with as little fanfare as possible. “I’m back,” Irving wrote simply on Twitter Saturday, as if he walked down to the corner post office. Irving started and scored 12 points in (go to 2k16 MT) a 108–86 win against the Sixers in what amounts to the ultimate soft launch against a pack of understudies. His comeback won’t be expected to boost the Cavaliers (18–7) to the top of the East standings; they’re already there, cruising ahead of a deeper-than-expected pack of “pretty good but not scary” squads that simply can’t match up on aggregate talent.