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How to order

HERE are the steps:
 Step1.Please pick the player which you didn't need but valuable one. Then list him on the transfer market, and set his Max price as the buy now price.

Step2.According to the Max price range of your player to select the FIFA coins amount that you want to buy.

Step3.Provide some necessary information so that we can find your player faster on the transfer market.

Step4.We will buy your player as soon as we could, and you can also receive the coins on your account.

Here is an example:
If you were to buy 100,000 Fifa 15 Coins, you must list a player for 100,000 coins BUY IT NOW for 3 days.
Then on the checkout page, enter the following information:

Player Name
Player Position
Start Price
Date issued
Time remaining
Number of Owners

Once the checkout has been completed, you will see a Order Number on your screen and a order confirmation email will be sent to you.

Then the player will be purchased within 1 hour (usually within 5 minutes).

Don't worry if you forgot to provide us with the player details, just reply to our order confirmation email we send out once we receive your order with the player details.