Hodgson Rooney not starting to get as many players play

Friday night in England and Spain will hold a warm-up match, Val injury was excluded from the list of this game, Rooney will not start. So the only candidate of the center left Kane. Val is the Premier League’s top scorer, but he was injured last Saturday in the league. He is expected to resume next Tuesday against France.

Rooney England captain can not start, because Hodgson plans
nfl coins Hodgson said:Valdivia was hit on Saturday, now have injuries in the body we are addressing this injury, but he could not play our game plan in two games on as many of the players I wanted to see these players in how many ways can have permutations and combinations; the upper field and the defense of the former have a very interesting combination we would like more than a few changes. ” Rooney will not start tomorrow, he will and the French team in the game played on Tuesday. ” On the starting lineup, I have to say on the point, Rooney will not go.

I do not want to express the wrong meaning. Other squad I want to leave to be announced tomorrow, and tomorrow you will know who will take over the post of captain Wayne Rooney. ” Kane is now the state is also very good at Tottenham, the striker position we have a very good option. ‘(Black Cat director)