History of La Liga standings Real Madrid beat Barcelona bat 3rd Corps

Spanish Football League was founded in 1928, is currently the most World War all European leagues competitive league, La Liga focus on technology and style of attack, with strong ornamental. La Liga in the minds of players and fans have considerable appeal, many world famous stars are longing to play in La Liga, Zidane, C Ronaldo, David Beckham, Luis Suarez, etc. are typical. And a number of European Footballer of the world are famous in the Spanish league. While Real Madrid and Barcelona the league is one of the world’s most famous team. In the history of La Liga standings, Real Madrid ranked first with 4207 points, 119 points behind Barcelona in second place. (As of 2015-16 season, the tenth round) first: Real Madrid in 1928, began to organize the Spanish League, there were ten teams. Several former La Liga season, due to the relatively weaker team, Real Madrid did not get the Spanish league title.

Until the introduction of the famous players Richard Mora only after first winning season in 1931/1932. And successfully defended in the second year. The early 1950s, the introduction of Real Madrid Gento and Di – Di Stefano, the two superstars to join Real Madrid entered a golden period of development of the 20th century. Real Madrid finally recaptured in 1954 after an absence of 21 years of the Spanish league title, and in 1955 they won the league title. That same year, the founder of
fut 17 coins the inaugural UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid of Spain on behalf of the competition, winning the first five European Champions Cup. This record has not been able to break any team, Real Madrid, it has also become the Europe’s ‘dream team.’ Mi Jier – Munoz name unfamiliar to the Chinese fans, but he is Real Madrid’s most successful coach in team history a coach, he was born in Madrid, also died in Madrid. He is a Spanish football player and coach. His professional career body most of the time at Real Madrid, a player in midfield, Real Madrid played more than 200 games. Taught for 13 years at Real Madrid and a half (1960-1974 years), has won the league title nine times, so far as well as the team won the league championship the most times coaches.

So far, Real Madrid won a total of 32 league titles, the last league win was the 2011-12 season, Mourinho led Real Madrid beat Barcelona
fifa 17 coins won the championship. They record in the league for the 2685 war 1589 level 555 wins and 541 losses, points to 4207 points, ahead of second Ming Basa 119 points, won the second Ming Basa also more often than 9 times. December 11, 2000, FIFA named Real Madrid was the 20th century’s greatest team; September 10, 2009 by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics of the 20th century Europe’s best clubs. Second: Barcelona 2014-15 season, Barcelona won the Spanish league title, the club became the champion from La Liga restructuring into 20 team since, won the highest number of clubs (Catalan team 13 times in La Liga Ones). Another data can prove the dominance of Barcelona in La Liga: nearly seven seasons, removing Moody handsome Atletico last season that a record 100 points to win the support of Real Madrid, winner of the remaining five seasons are being swept Barcelona, Barcelona used to describe the status of the king in the league, perhaps not too much.