Hill faced security guard was suspended for ten games crow layoffs

In the Baltics Mowu crow introduce new security guard Eric – on Wedel (Eric Weddle) press conference, coach John – Hubble (John Harbaugh) reluctant to discuss in detail how to allocate his team playing time security guard. Team after an hour gave the answer, they announced cut security guard Will – Hill (Will
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mutcoin.com this decision was not based solely on the performance or the team depth reasons.

NFL official website reporter Ian – Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to people familiar with news reports that made this decision because the crows Hill doping positive result, the provisions violating NFL drug abuse and was suspended for 10 games. This is the fourth time in violation of this provision Hill. Hill was cut means cornerback Lada Cornelius – Webb (Lardarius Webb) would change the play security guard, and Wedel starting together. In less than seven months ago, the team and Hill contract 2 years contract worth $ 7,000,000, including $ 5,000,000 in guaranteed income.

Crow Hill cut can only help to save less than $ 3 million in salary cap space. Hill in 2014 after the third violation of the provisions of the New York Giants cut doping, then he joined the Baltics Mowu crow. At the start of 2014 season, he was suspended for six games. Hill Giants in effect when the performance is very good, but the Giants can not trust Hill will not be suspended.