Heavy pound! Hengda buzzer signing Robinho will replace Alan

Robinho to come to the super is not a day two days of rumors, but once the target is the Guangzhou hengda. In June 30th, Robinho has announced the departure of the Santos team. At that time, the Brazilian media reports said the former Brazil international has infinitely close Hengda, because Hengda give he provide a contract for 3 years worth 12 million euros.
However, Hengda internal has not recognized the news. Also in charge of the Brazil national team coach Scolari did not recruit into the case, Scolari is unlikely to choose Robinho. However, the fact that the constant has not been interrupted and Robinho contact, and now it seems that the news is just a smoke bomb. Informed sources also analysis, does not exclude in a game before LVL sudden injury, let Hengda final determination must sign a playmaker, otherwise attack now no one has available.
Finally, in the two transfer window is about to close, or decided to sign a contract with Robinho. As a result, the Brazil international has become a world-class player coming to china. After the arrival of Robinho, will replace the team in addition to a Brazilian foreign aid Alan, this also means that rumors will leave the foreign aid South Korea Kim eng will stay with the team.
Guangzhou Hengda official announcement

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On 16 July 2015 (Brazil local time on July 16) afternoon, Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club Taobao officially announced formally signed with active Brazil international Robson de Sosa Robinho (Robson de Souza Robinho), Robinho are free to join, contract for a period of six months, have the priority to renew in the club after the expiration of the contract. The players will wear the number 60 shirt in, after passing a medical examination in July 20th to Guangzhou with his team mates. So far, the club work all over the summer.
Robinho, born in January 25, 1984, 31 years old, height 172cm, weight 60kg. Robinho debut in Santos football club, has to play for Real Madrid, Manchester City, AC Milan and other top European clubs. Over the past decade has been one of the core players of the Brazilian national team, on behalf of the national team played 90 games and scored 26 goals.