Harden 33 points Rockets home fall

Rockets (34-34) continued to hold seventh place in the West. James – Harden scored 33 points, eight assists and five rebounds, eight times his turnovers, blocked shots four times. Trevor – Trevor Ariza had 16 points and six rebounds, Dwight – Howard had six points and seven rebounds. Bench Michael – Beasley 16 points and eight rebounds, Jason – Terry 11 points(more 2k16 MT).

Clippers (43-24) after a two-game losing streak, the fourth place in the West is very strong. – Chris Paul scored 15 points, 16 assists, JJ- Redick 25 points, D’Andre – Jordan 23 points and 16 rebounds, Richard – Ba Mote 12 points. Bench Jamal – Jamal Crawford scored 14 points and seven assists Austin – Rivers and Wesley – Johnson each scored 12 points. – Paul Pierce back, scored 7 points.

Clippers saw the rocket to gas. Western Conference semifinals last year, they still comeback in the 3-1 lead in the case, Paul’s career still missed the finals.

New season, the Clippers menacing, ready for revenge, but in the regular season two games, they lost to the Rockets. Until January 19, the Clippers beat the Rockets in overtime until, finally out of breath.

Today is the last time the two teams clash in the regular season, the Clippers in the case of Griffin still comeback state Dayong, the audience suppress the rocket, and finally the regular season to tie the score, 2-2.

Paul and Jordan with more understanding, after the opening, several times he sent pass, but Jordan dunk to end. Clippers three quarters attack came from Paul’s assists them to 7-2 lead. Harden even with a fine cast also 3 minutes later, Redick hit the third, the Clippers from the opening lead. More than half the first section, Reddick again hit third, the Clippers to 20-10 double-digit advantage. Rockets on the defensive listless, Harden is often said “the eyes defense”, but this time, he could not even look useless, but with the defensive back of the head. In this section there are 1 minute, the Clippers frontcourt serve, but Harden on the floor in a daze, Johnson took the opportunity to cut into the basket, after the return of serve directly above the basket. Paul had eight assists in this section, but Redick scored 14 points, leading the Clippers to 35-26.

Clippers third hit frequently, a wave of 21-7 to start the second quarter, in one fell swoop to 56-33 obtain 23 points of advantage. Harden began to fight back, continuous break layup, then he assists his teammates, after the Rockets played 8-0, chasing the score 41-56. Paul and Jordan began performing again, after consecutive alley-oop dunk, turn the Clippers opened the gap to 72-50 at halftime. Jordan dunk the first half to five times the highest score of the first half, the Clippers season, contributed 21 assists, most of the season. Rockets this season, up to half drop points, Harden scored 19 points did not help.

Rockets defense slight recovery in the second half, but still can not change the situation. Third quarter and 9 minutes and 15 seconds, Jordan layup and cause foul, although the penalty is not, the Clippers to 78-55 lead. Most of the time gap between the two sides have 20 points, this section there are 43 seconds, Beasley break finger roll succeeded, the Rockets will recover as the score 74-92. Pierce also to third immediately, Crawford at the end of this section will also hit a ball, the Clippers to 97-75 end of the first three quarters.

Rockets not give up, and finally a constantly counterattack. Competition also 5 minutes 14 seconds, Ariza hit third, they only 98-109 behind. Paul also driving layup with a ball, Reddick hit third, the Clippers to maintain double-digit advantage.source:nbamtcoin