Gordon is the crux of magic rocket

According to NBA official website reported that the Houston Rockets this season poorly, their winning percentage of just over five percent. Recently, NBA official website experts on rockets round-table discussions, the experts believe that, compared to Dwight – Howard temper, larger rocket whole issue now, and James – Harden’s singles is also a big problem(more buy 2k16 mt).

David – Aldridge: Rockets this season, very disappointing, and this can be reflected in the record. Each time the Rockets seem to pull through, it will suddenly collapse. Recently, the rocket is terrible. Howard’s character does not change, just like Chris – Paul and Tim – Tim Duncan does not change the same. They often complain whistled, and Howard indeed often encountered foul. As a spectator, you can say that Howard should remain calm, but Howard is not rocket winning only 50% of the reasons Howard is one of the key factors in the playoffs the Rockets.

Steve: Rockets record disappointing. In fact, after rounded out the Western Conference finals last season, the Rockets have been very low. They fired Kevin – McHale is an impulsive useless initiatives. The team’s defense also fell, but the Rockets now also position they deserve. In my opinion, I do not think so dominate Harden crushed ball, the Rockets will be a championship contender. Do not forget to Carmelo Anthony – doing so, the Knicks is a ready example.

Fran – Breen Bristol: Howard Moody is a response to the poor performance of the Rockets this season. Positioning itself as a championship contender team midway coaching change, they do not defend, but not every night to keep up the season with the same professional attitude to the game.

Scott – Howard – Cooper: Howard’s a more serious problem. Although his data also decent, but his offensive role has shrunk a lot. Rockets difficult to achieve any progress in this season, it would be a major event, which will affect the management of the future judgment.

Sean – Powell: So far, the Rockets this season’s most disappointing team, over the Wizards, Milwaukee. Yes, Howard is not good at controlling emotions, dealing with the referee not very skilled, but this is not rocket record bad reasons. Defense, Lawson and Harden chemical reaction, unstable third rocket, which emotional problems than Howard’s serious.

John – Schumann: Rocket’s record is even more worrying. Last season in the absence of Howard, the Rockets 27 wins and 14 losses, not Howard, the former defensive alliance rockets are ten levels. This season, the Rockets play, the Rockets have only 19 wins and 20 losses, their defense is the league’s 10. Only one team defending league than the rocket seriously degraded, and that is the Bucks. Although Howard has a problem, his lack of charisma, but other issues are more serious rocket.

Game Library – Smith: Rocket into five winning worrying. They do not make good use of Howard, who is the league’s most disappointing team performance. The biggest problem is that the rocket defense, if their defense continued to struggle, then they can only become a playoff spectators, can not return to the Western Conference finals.

Ian – Thomason: the team’s record is even more worrying. Howard’s problem is not large, he broke for now the Rockets have been no less important. But the Rockets question now is no longer able to win 50 games.

Long – Whitaker: Rockets record is even more worrying. Relationship between Howard and the referee is an old problem, which is not fresh. The rocket’s performance is far better than last year. Howard’s team is not the team, if I were a rocket fans, I think this is Harden team, if there are problems, but also the official Harden, West led the top of the impact should be Harden .click to buy mt