Gongyao Kyi to run for closure inflammation Shangxiang play

Liu Bei’s wife Shangxiang, finally, the long-awaited official login “Dream Tower Defense” seal inflammation war on June 18, her husband opened their own guardian trip. Puncture generals also have added a new member on this athletic map. Shangxiang positioned as a global auxiliary troops, you can maintain a certain male generals, such as Jiang Wei (after preliminary strange now to strengthen Jiang difficult to play).

Features High IAS itself, esoteric summon units and IAS decided at the time of release, Shangxiang the IAS, the need to master the timing of the release.

11 skills to design, when wins while chasing trigger, trigger more frequent marriage knot effect, the release of esoteric can bring maximum benefit;

Global Xiangxiaoyuyun stable income complementary skills, compared with moderation; Arrow given soul so weak Shangxiang defensive ability has been improved on defense.

Shangxiang value of more reflected in the help of his teammates, either 5 skills or halo global influence, can greatly help to teammates.

Recommended assistant generals: Jiang Wei, Huang Gai and the like.

Recommended fit generals: Vulcan.