Glint and GI loved singing of the JIU Yin Zhen Jing

Introduction: recently, the JIU Yin Zhen Jing epic expansion “Dragon times” stunning open beta, new frontiers “East Sea” detonated, the style system, physical, and diversity play martial arts, multiple anniversary activities continue, well kept! Meanwhile, the GI love Sing Wang Siyuan touch view Siqing of the JIU Yin Zhen Jing, for “Dragon times” add event in a pen.

1 GI loved singing of the JIU Yin Zhen Jing
One song, a frail scholar, under the chance, see the JIU Yin Zhen Jing Scripture. Legend recorded in this book of martial art is extensive and profound, powerful. Principle barely out of all the superior martial arts JIU Yin Zhen Jing content is the highest form of martial arts.

Scholar in pursuit of supernatural powers, neglected wife all day at home was recorded in Scripture, in order to one day dominate the martial arts world. Wives choose to accompany her husband, even if her husband melancholy left out they have no regrets, you love, how can we use more than words can say, expect a drunk, remember your face, have you no envy of Mandarin ducks do not envy.

Student taken speed-reading has defects, passage key always be remembered, half verse liuluojianghu, deep in the heart cannot be. Past her ears and minds to the East, and then look back with Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant a piece falls … …

Earth changes, someone has lakes, lakes have grievances, are Lakes, an easy, are not easy words will only get you deeper.