Garrett quarterback candidates will be discussed in the offseason week

To 6-30 after a loss to the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys coach Jason – Garrett (Jason Garrett) announced that the team will consider the issue of candidates in the offseason quarterback midweek. Garrett represents: we will re-evaluate our quarterback, our offensive line, tight end, wide receiver and running back who is also thrusting. Defense group and the SWAT team, too, we want to make good use of this offseason week, try to adjust.

mut 16 coins sale the team signed Matt – Kassel (Matt Cassel) Cowboys have more choices at the quarterback position. Garrett said Cassell very adapt to the team’s offensive line-up, if necessary, he can always go into battle. Brandon – Vuitton (Brandon Weeden) advance in the game only 188 yards, 38 passing attempts, not very well organized team’s offense. Although four games his passing success rate of 72.4 percent, but his passing target
cheap mut 16 coins average distance of only 7.2 yards, 30th in the league.