FIFA16 cover the first female player to join

According to media reports: in May when, EA announced that it would join the 12 teams in the new Women’s National Football Team for FIFA 16, and it became the first major women’s sports game options. Today, they will decide to join female players on the cover of his new book, highlights the importance of women.

Focus here in the end is who will appear side by side with Lionel Messi on the FIFA 16 cover it? The original candidate will be sold with the area and change the game, the Olympic gold medal soccer player Alex Morgan on the American version; the Canadian version of the famous local women’s football player Christine Sinclair; the Australian version is Stephanie Catley.

In addition to the above three female athletes who are famous in their respective areas outside the original or the same effect Portland Thorns professional players. I do not know how many players will try to choose women’s football to play, maybe there is a surprise! Another is that, please EA Photoshop techniques to improve the look of it, and now cover a full sense of violation and ah …

In addition, Facebook recently changed the icon, see the following publication Mouwang

In addition to first time in decades to replace the Logo, Facebook on the icon also made a series of adjustments. Logo as possible and, if not carefully identified, these changes will not be found. But determined to make a change is out of ulterior motives Facebook considerations.

The biggest change is the female head position. The original “new friend” is a former head boys and girls in the picture icon, from a visual perspective, the male head slightly larger than females. But the new design icon, the female head of the front, and adjust both the size to a considerable level. “Groups” feature in the two men have changed icon, originally placed in the right rear of the female head, it was adjusted to the middle position before the Founder.

These small changes are dominated by Facebook designer Caitlin Winner. She shared the reasons they have to make these changes in the Medium.
Facebook soon as a newly recruited staff of designers, she liked everything here. But when she entered the work, you see the icon in the PS, but felt frustrated and angry. In order to put men on the front of the head, the female head of the shoulder had more of a “gap.” She believes that, Facebook has influence as a global sites should not handle the rough on these details.

The Facebook advocated spirit is “Nothing at Facebook is someone else’s problem”, Caitlin determine their own hands, to the “gap” female head on the fill.
We begin a series of changes. In addition to the female head of a complete shoulder, Caitlin also feel that these should not be static head, she gave a different hair style head designed to distinguish different personality, age of women.

Only changes the woman’s head, seems to make the old man look more rigid the Avatar. So she gave the male head made some small changes. Next were adjusted Caitlin icon size, location and so on. She had seemingly with the male-dominated icon means have been modified.

These are some of the details of the changes, but as a designer Caitlin is very concerned, she believes these symbols often used affects people’s perception, but Facebook should be an equal and pluralistic platform. Heartening is that when Caitlin will report on a series of ideas to their supervisor, director readily agreed.

In fact, changing the Facebook icon series started early. Last year, designer Julyanne Liang let notification icon “Little Earth” center not just in Europe, the Americas, if you are in Asia, the notification icon on the center of the Earth will be in Asia. This is also a sign of respect.