FIFA Match Agent Pleads Guilty in U.S. to Corruption Charges

A Colombian soccer consultant pleaded guilty to paying a huge selection of a large number of dollars in bribes to officials who awarded media and promoting rights, admitting he employed sham contracts and Panamanian bank accounts to cover his tracks.

Miguel Trujillo, 65, entered his plea in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, where he was the 13th of 40 individuals charged to have admitted guilt within a U.S. crackdown on soccer corruption within the Americas. Prosecutors say soccer officials and business executives paid more than $200 million in bribes for media and promoting rights to tournaments, World Cup siting votes and elections at FIFA, the sport’s governing physique.

In pleading guilty, Trujillo admitted paying bribes to help two promoting corporations, Traffic Sports USA Inc. and Media Planet LLC, win rights to tournaments. Those events had been staged by the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football, or Concacaf; regional soccer federations; and national federations in Central America and also the Caribbean.

He stated he paid the bribes in advance with the Planet comprar fifa coins Cup qualifiers in 2014, 2018 and 2022 for Central American soccer federations.

He and his co-conspirators “often applied sham contracts and invoices in an effort to disguise the correct nature of those transactions,” Trujillo said in court.

Earlier Pleas

Trujillo’s admissions buttressed earlier guilty pleas by Targeted traffic Group founder Jose Hawilla and former Visitors USA Chief Executive Officer Fabio Tordin; Media World’s former CEO, Roger Huguet; and Concacaf’s ex-president Jeffrey Webb. Trujillo stated he conspired with those three and 10 other people not identified by name in court documents.

Trujillo stated he applied many smaller companies he ran and Panamanian bank accounts to help move bribes through a labyrinth. One $80,000 payment moved from his business account at Multibank Inc. in Panama to a Bank of America Corp. correspondent fifa comprar coins account in New York to a Citigroup Inc. account inside the name of a Caymanian lawyer, court documents show.