FIFA and IFAB to develop worldwide regular for electronic functionality and tracking systems

fifa 16 coins, together using the International Football Association Board (IFAB), is inviting producers of electronic overall performance and tracking systems (EPTS), such as wearable and camera-based technologies, to present their systems to both organisations. Particulars on probable high quality criteria, testing procedures and preventive medical advantages for players are going to be discussed at meetings taking place during the week of 16 November.

With many teams and players already working with EPTS devices for training purposes, so as to control and enhance their overall performance, requests have been made to the IFAB to permit players to also put on such devices for the duration of matches. Football’s rule-making body authorized the use of wearable technology in principle at its 129th Annual Small business Meeting in Belfast on 28 February this year. Having said that, the selection was determined by two conditions: that, until EPTS are proven to possess preventive health-related added benefits, their data cannot be applied in actual time within the technical area, and that wearable systems must not pose any danger to any person on the field of play during the match. Thus, further investigation and market place evaluation are necessary for a high quality assessment with the unique systems accessible, the use of information, and the licensing approach.

The IFAB subsequently offered cheap fifa 16 coins using the mandate for the development of a excellent programme for EPTS, comparable to these currently in spot for goal-line technology, footballs and football turf. The FIFA Quality Programme was introduced in 1996 and has helped to set the industry regular for excellent and reliability in the locations exactly where it matters to football players most: the gear, surface, technologies and services utilised for the game.

Organizations thinking about participating inside the meeting can get in touch. The invitation is only open to producers of electronic overall performance and tracking systems and is valid till the finish of October 2015.

Additional particulars around the launch of a global normal for EPTS might be offered in due course.