FIFA 17 vs PES 2017: EA Sports gets increase, as Konami launch sales stutter

KONAMI is content using the vital reception for PES 2017, despite launch sales dipping on Xbox 1 and PS4.

EA Sports has been offered a enhance in the annual battle in between Fifa 17 coins and PES 2017.

Per week into its launch and PES 2017 has sold 3% fewer copies than PES 2016 in the identical stage.

But though EA Sports will as soon as again be confident of outscoring PES 2017 in the sales stakes, Konami remains confident that the franchise will get pleasure from long-term accomplishment.

That’s according to Pro Evolution Soccer’s global brand manager Adam Bhatti, who told MCV: “We are delighted with the critical reception PES 2017 has received.

“We naturally believe in it as a solution and exactly where it is headed, but the level of like for the game this year is staggering.

“Our stated intentions happen to be universally effectively received and also the overview scores are mind-blowing. Such reviews help justify the huge improvements along with the general path we’re taking the series.

“We will under no circumstances underestimate EA along with the talented FIFA group, but our target is naturally to establish PES as the definitive football title.”

Having currently changed the perception from the series, Bhatti believes that preserving a certain degree of top quality will eventually bring about a lot more customers and increased sales.

“We’re focused on usually improving and planning to grow the series,” he added.

FIFA 17, meanwhile, features a September 29 release date on Xbox One particular, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Pc buy now.