FIFA 17: How the Frostbite engine improves visuals

FIFA 17 moves to the Frostbite engine this year, precisely the same tech as observed in Battlefield 1 plus the upcoming Mass Impact. It is a departure in the Ignite engine utilised in between FIFA 14 and 16 – introduced to show off the capabilities of PlayStation 4 and Xbox A single – and makes it possible for for a massive improvement in the series’ lighting and atmospheric effects. We pit the two engines against each other here to determine exact extent of the modify, and if this really is the series visual overhaul we’ve been waiting for.

The setup is easy sufficient. We use one gamepad to manage two games simultaneously in real-time: a single machine operating FIFA 16 with Ignite, and around the other it’s the Fifa 17 coins demo with Frostbite. Of course we can count on tweaks involving this demo and also the final version, but as a sign in the improvements this engine brings, our ‘dual-wield’ manage approach shines a light around the areas offered probably the most work. Nonetheless, the fact the core gameplay, camera, menu systems and animations are matched so closely employing precisely the same input is clear a sign there’s nevertheless a whole lot in prevalent among the two games. Despite the engine switch, it is awesome how comparable FIFA 17 is usually to its predecessor with regards to manage mechanics – though this fortunately makes a comparison like this possible.

Side-by-side, we can see places like Stamford Bridge and Centurylink Field (the two stadia accessible in this taster) have a couple of light adjustments in geometry and components. New fences are added, help structures now line the roofing, and glass components are swapped in to let sun to shine by way of certain stands. Don’t count on a colossal overhaul here; the revised grounds had been a bullet-point function of last year’s game, however they do transfer over towards the Frostbite engine having a few little embellishments in FIFA 17.

It’s the lighting model that largely sets this year’s FIFA aside from the final. FIFA 17 buy now
tends to make use of volumetric light effects, filling the air above the stands within a a lot more realistic way than prior to. It indicates floodlight beams diffuse correctly into the space above the pitch, as you’d expect in a genuine game, whereas prior to we created do with a simple lens flare on each and every lamp. The adjust is best observed in evening matches at Stamford Bridge, and although arguably the effect is often a tad overdone for the sake of displaying off this new tech, it does help to add a much-needed sense of volume towards the air.