FIFA 16: EA talks about the FUT Glitch

Inside the FIFA scene not too long ago circulated a video that a chemical and fitness Glitch in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team
mode pointed. The error really should be already observed inside the game for more than seven years. Developer EA has
not too long ago been produced aware in the error by way of the efforts of fans. Immediately after the company took
around the error message, EA SPORTS confirmed now: Yes, there are inconsistencies in the health and chemistry in FIFA
16 Ultimate Group. The best way to Go From Here, informed us of the developers on demand now with.

It’s an uncomfortable circumstance for EA. Around the 1 hand you’ve got the disgruntled fans and on the other, the
corporation is now attempting to retain the damage as modest as you possibly can in order not to risk a loss of image
possible. When asked by kicker eSport the developer informed now the following: “The investigations have shown that
you can find inconsistencies inside the application of health and chemistry in some FUT objects in truth,
nevertheless, these discrepancies affect only some FUT objects..”

For EA this discovery now indicates quick action, a solution would be to come already in FIFA 16th A single would
currently functioning on adjustments, so that the properties is often applied to all objects inside the game the
exact same. “To this end, we are preparing an update for fifa 16 coins for the Pc, Xbox and Playstation platforms which is
supplied as soon as possible”, the developers affirm us.

At the same time we also wanted to say a thank you to the FUT community. “We take feedback extremely seriously and
wish to show in the future also as you can, as FUT operates. Consequently, we’re closer towards the launch of FIFA 17
also deliver improved insight in to the mechanisms of Ultimate Team.”

When the patch for fut 16 coins seems, is not but identified. However, the following maintenance could quickly bring the
patch itself.