Falcons wide receiver signed a five-year contract Sanou

This year’s free-agent wide receiver
mut coins sell to get a big contract. Malvern – Jones (Marvin Jones) a five-year $ 40 million contract to join the Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals teammate when he took over Mohammed – Sanou (Marvin Jones) to a five-year $ 32.5 million contract to join the Atlanta Falcons. We have lots of cap space, reinforcing the urgent need for wide receivers and choose the free agent market are so few non-top wide receiver will also be given a large contract.

Thanou was excellent physical wide receiver, but also to undertake the task red ball, he still has five pass attempts and all success in his career. Sanou career-best season was in 2014, when he completed 56 catches for 790 yards to give 5 touchdowns in 13 career starts reimbursement Jones was last season. Last season Sanou starting 4 games to finish made 33 catches for 894 yards but no touchdowns. Falcon, compared to recently laid off Roddy – outside White (Roddy White), Sanou can be upgraded to take over the position, but he played for the Tigers in four seasons, Sanou played there for a long time of silence and then by ball sell troubled.

He took over the role best suited III, but his salary is like a high-end number two wide receiver. Perhaps this contract too, but outside the Falcons need to
cheap madden coins upgrade took place and they signed one of the best options on the market. Thanou and can have a lot of playing time and Julio – Jones (Julio Jones) partner, Leonard – Hankison (Leonard Hankerson) III will serve as wide receiver.