Established philosophical topics for Cincinnati Bengals

Season before the new season outlook on the Cincinnati Bengals, it seems that the whole world brick
NFL 16 Coins Buy home are not good, including myself. Imagine, just a good team last season reached the playoffs, almost no reinforcing free market, the former NBA draft pick to the two rounds of difficult immediate contribution to the team tackles, so the offseason, How people feel confident? Plus Crow and stable dominant Steelers, Nishuihangzhou fall behind I concentrate predict the new season against the Tigers prospects. However, one-third of the new season has passed, Lost Souls and Steelers injuries compared to the crows, the Tigers five-game winning streak in the league of the few unbeaten team, their boat must not back then into also became the best reason to rule partition. This season they are so strong, the reason is not a few superstar scorching eye, unique offensive and defensive routines, but the team’s stability and balance of the most surprising moment did he realize that the Tigers built in recent years, team for the outbreak of the season to lay a solid foundation, this article is to analyze the construction team with your philosophy Tigers. 1, dynasty coach leadership.

Throughout the history of the Tigers, the construction team only 48 years, only to enter the 13 playoffs, he never won the Super Bowl, ah, so it seems nothing is really branched historical heritage of the team. But to ask the history of the West Coast offense pedigree who is? Who is the first non-huddle attack proficient? The answer is surprising Tigers. Great Paul – Brown coach to lead four or five years of the Cleveland Browns for ten consecutive years reached the league finals, and took the championship seven times. Six years after retirement, Father Brown in Cincinnati, Ohio, start all over again, set up the Bengals, and the invention of Ohio River offensive the predecessor of the West Coast offense. Sam – Sandwich coach after taking over the Tigers, he advocates the use of non-huddle offense let bomb Essy, a generation of fast pass master Sen Union, but they untimely, met Paul Brown – Large Apprentice – Bill Walsh and the West Coast 49.

Followed by a dark period of up to ten years, even Dick – Loeb this and other defensive guru can not save the Tigers until they found a Malvern – Lewis. Before Lewis became the coach, who served as the Ravens and Steelers defensive coach, this and Paul Brown – have the same purpose. After six quarters before the playoffs only once exhausted, owner Mike Brown – (- Paul Brown’s son) played a key role, not only
madden 16 coins fired Lewis no trace of the idea, and also given the freedom and Lewis signings discretion. Imagine Mike Brown – part-time general manager, after poor performance, giving more rights to the coach, this is how broad-minded. Lewis reciprocated, the next six years, five into the playoffs, even if a win is hard to find, Lewis also became the Tigers wins in team history (105 games) up to coach. Of course, Lewis success is not a matter of course, at your fingertips, he is a paranoid workaholic, often staying all night video analysis room to take notes, which he transformed into a defensive coach from full coach, and mentor young.

About personality, perhaps early failure to make Lewis became gloomy, but he rarely lost his temper, or that he is good at adjusting pendulum subordinate, assistant all his men are like warlords like severe that he was like a father smiling, very good at playing psychological, let the players be grateful, fire and water. Today the league Redskins coach Jay – Gruden, Vikings coach Mike – Zimmer Pirates defensive coordinator Leslie – Fraser, former Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin – Coryell have in the hands of Lewis He has served, and the current offensive and defensive assistant Hugh – Jackson and Paul – Gunther are Lewis culture timber, which all proved indefatigable Lewis is also a mentor, also proved Lewis for the team and the league’s influence. Twelve years as leadership established one day, only Pele Cech tenure longer than him, so you can understand why the Tigers are so stable inside and outside.