ESPN MingJi exposure Howard Hawks would like to join

According to the famous ESPN reporter Chris – Broussard claimed that the recent trade rumors have been caught in the Rockets center Dwight – Howard Hawks want to go to Atlanta.

Since the summer of 2013 to join the Rockets, Howard is considered the cornerstone of the team. But in the past two seasons, Howard suffered injuries. This season, a combination of he and Harden does not seem compatible, but fewer and fewer Howard’s ball. As a result, the Rockets failed miserably.

According to Wal-God Yahoo Sports broke the news that the lead, the Rockets have begun trading Howard. Today, ESPN reporter Broussard is revealed, I would prefer to join Howard Hawks.

“As far as I know, he (Howard) wanted to Atlanta.” Broussard said, “Even last year, his team and the Hawks said: ‘Hey, he (Howard) you may not work in Houston how think? ‘he came from Atlanta, he needs some love. ”

As Broussard said, Howard Hawks hometown team. The summer of 2013, they have joined a World of Warcraft battle, unfortunately without success.

It is not clear whether the rocket can be reached with the Hawks on Howard deal. If agreement is reached, then, Al – Horford should be added to the 2k16 buy mt on,build your myteam!