E3 2015: FIFA 16 vs. PES 2016 or when football resumes its rights

The Kingdom of Joe Montana and the Quarter Pounder with cheese, talkfootball the true, the one – is not clear. The 2015 E3 yet served rehearsal FIFAand PES 2016 before the rush of the end of the year.


For some time, the FIFA franchise seems to have won the duel of footballthrough a technical K.O. simulations. Konami and its PES seemed definitely onthe ropes until EA Sports Gets a little tangled brushes. Admission evendevelopers from Electronic Arts, FIFA 15 suffered indeed unacceptable asdefects did not fail to point out countless anonymous on Youtube.


Meanwhile, PES 2015 proposed a certainly less spectacular title with morerestricted licenses and a graphics engine still running, but fundamentals wereindeed present. There were some excellent game sensations and was not the impression of moving media collectors to build actions… Can this tightening ofthe positions continue next fall? We have now some elements of response.


FIFA 16: one hundred times on the job…


At the moment to announce FIFA 16, Electronic Arts decided to focus on thepresence of women’s teams. Not that they do not have right of city on thecontrary but rather than after the scathing remarks of some fans against FIFA15, there were perhaps other elements too important to evoke. What is are theirway to Los Angeles and the E3 2015 since, in her suitcase, EA Sports had a wholebunch of fixes, improvements and changes to present to fans.


First, policymakers at EA Sports have widely recognized that FIFA 15 had nodoubt pushed the attackers freedom later. Apart from a few players at leastsuperhuman as Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale, FIFA 16 defenders shouldtherefore logically run as fast as the ball carrier. Defenders which will of coursenot capable of dribbling mind-blowing, but which will be more able tointelligently replace through the establishment of ‘danger zones’: when the ballenters, a sort of alert triggers in artificial intelligence.