“Dynamix” Hong Kong original fiery Added IOS hand travel difficult music

From the “Rhythm Master” to “universal hyun Dance”, music games have been loved by many players in hot pursuit of fashion culture. Music hall known as comparable to a large arcade game “Dynamix” has landed IOS platform, which is produced by the Hong Kong as an independent development team C4Cat, in terms of gameplay and content, the earlier version of the Google play of shelves Andrews won the praise of many players. The landing IOS platform, not surprisingly also received a recommendation Appstore.

“Dynamix” is a triple fall style mobile music games, music games and generally fall formula different, Dynamix splits the screen to the left, right, playing three determination regions, each region will play an instrument separate tracks . One of the most selling point is that the three-zone play designed to make the game more extensive changes in the level, offer more interesting and more difficult challenge for the players. In addition, also control three tracks area also allows players to have personally played the entire first musical presence, let the beat of the music to the full bloom.

The game has all kinds of notes, the player must use one click, slide, or press other touch way to determine, through appropriate if successful will play the tempo. In addition, there are current game survival mode, and note the width reduction and other special games are played, and also plans to launch a follow-up to mirror the challenging scores, etc., so that players in a variety of modes can obtain a more exciting gaming experience.

For music tracks problem gamers are most concerned about, “Dynamix” also performed very sincere, the current version contains a total of about 30 more by the Hong Kong local composers to create original music, the music style is very diverse, followed by the moment The most popular musical elements. Players in the “Dynamix” will be free to choose hundreds of face to challenge musical spectrum, from the Basic level for novice players to the advanced and Mega Hard level, as well as for professional players Giga level, from simple to trade, the same song also bring new ways of varying difficulty, players of different levels to meet the full musical dreams.

In addition, “Dynamix” developer C4Cat also clear that in the future there will be more even more composers from the three to join them. So classical music hand travel, can you miss it? Hurry to download it a try!