Durant solidarity Odom He is my brother that I learned a lot from him

Original title: Durant solidarity Odom: He is my brother that I learned a lot from him, according to NBA China official website news, Fox Sports reported recently Thunder star Durant in an interview about his
nba 2k16 mt former team teammate Lamar Odom, he said he first heard the case when Odom failed to sleep for several days. ‘It’s really too bad, when they heard the news (Odom event) after several days I could not sleep, I think about it in the last will be
nbamtbuy.com able to get the most properly resolved, although this is very difficult.

However, As you can see, NBA is a big family as fraternal, we are closely linked to each other, we will have everyone in distress to give prayers and support, I will be here silently pray that he can return to health. In the summer of 2010, at the age of
2k 16 coins 21-year-old Kevin – Durant and Odom together to help the US men’s basketball team won the World Cup when the session recently, Durant He recalled the past with Odom’s time with the team in an interview.

I knew from the first day there, he had already started to fight for the title, and from him (Odom) entered the training hall the moment I have been able to appreciate his humility,’ I in him Like his little brother, and he taught me a lot of very professional, very practical things, I think he might be one of my strongest mental capacity around player. ‘Original title: Durant solidarity Odom: He is my brother and I learned a lot from his manuscript Source: People Author: