Durant left knee medial collateral ligament sprain at least wound around

Golden State Warriors announced today: All-Star small forward Kevin – Durant because of the left knee medial collateral ligament two sprain, plus left knee bruises, he will be at least four weeks off(click buy nba 2k17 mt coins).

Durant was injured in the first quarter of the Warriors away with the Wizards yesterday, and his left knee was inadvertently been bitten by his teammate Zaza – Pachulia. That game, Durant played only 2 minutes, no scoring, early exit.

Yesterday after the game, there are reports that the Warriors on Durant’s injury was very optimistic, and even worried about his reimbursement this season, or injury longer.

Today, Durant’s left knee received a nuclear magnetic resonance test, before the Warriors announced the final results, NBA journalist Jeff – Goodman in Twitter said: “Kevin – Durant is expected to return in the playoffs “The situation is not as bad as it looks,” a person familiar with the matter said(click buy mt).

Today, the Warriors announced Durant’s injury: the left knee medial collateral ligament two sprain, plus left knee bones contusion, he will be after four weeks to accept further examination.

“The Warriors did not reveal Durant ‘s specific comeback, but they did not rule out the possibility that Durant would come back before the end of the regular season,” said Mark Rees, the famous NBA journalist.

“San Jose Mercury News” Warrior journalist Anthony – Slater said, Durant’s MRI results seem good news for the Warriors, but after four weeks to accept further checks does not mean that he will come back, but look at Durant did not have a season reimbursement.