Dream Group 2016: LeBron James, Anthony Davis lead SI’s 12-man roster

Comprehending how much can change for USA Basketball between this week’s minicamp in Las Vegas and the (go to buy NBA 2K16 MT) 2016 Olympics in (click here to learn more information about NBA 2k16) Rio de Janeiro requires nothing more than looking back to last summer.  Remember when Kevin Durant, Paul George and James Harden were delighting observers with their one-on-one-on-one games? Four combined surgeries later, Durant and George didn’t participate in the 2014 FIBA World Cup or the 2015 NBA playoffs, leaving Harden as the “King of (buy cheap nba mt coins) the Mountain” by default.Looking ahead to next summer in hopes of pinpointing a bulletproof 12-man USAB roster for Rio is therefore a fruitless exercise. There will be injuries, there will be aging, there will be unexpected regressions and breakouts, and there could be other off-court factors (contracts, family obligations, scheduling conflicts, etc.) that change the calculus.Nevertheless, it’s not too early to build the latest Dream Group, as the process will provide a framework of expectations for next summer.