Dragon Boat dumplings can not be less dream tower defense knew festival

“Dream tower defense” Dragon Special Edition “evolutionary awakening” Today a new version of the open, the three new generals rapid appearances or seven good welfare serial on-line! Dano dumplings of course no less, “Dream tower defense” Dragon Special Edition, a new wave of content Push, tower defense generals formally to upgrade it!

Taishi Ci evolutionary awakening God will go ahead

“Dream Tower Defense” and “evolution Awakening” is another new ways to develop its anti-tower under the system, allowing players on hand of the generals, through the new “Awakening” evolution ability to get stronger. “Dream tower defense” “evolution Awakening” upgrade generals and generals before completely new properties to replace higher initial generals totally different ways: Evolution is based on the player has performed the generals, the generals of the existing players the underlying data is going to get a reservation, just after the new military commanders evolution is the ability to further strengthen!

Higher Order generals by “Dream Tower Defense” will be upgraded to become more powerful Advanced awakening awakening generals, “Dream tower defense” fully inherited the former generals generals rank, martial, quality and skills after awakening; at the same time, after awakening generals get a new attitude and esoteric; and, after awakening generals also learn new exclusive powerful skills, the use of more “Dream Tower Defense” exclusive equipment.

Now, Taishi Ci as the first generals, officially took the lead awakening!