Dragon Boat Carnival “Dream Three 2” call you to eat dumplings friends

As the saying goes, everything is bullying holiday not a holiday! As a statutory day off, like Ben Big Dipper Dragon Boat Festival, how can not properly celebrate?

Cousin that good, not all activities are free of bullying! Dragon Boat Festival, dream three polite, free welfare, dumplings dumplings rewarded!


Dragon Boat Festival dumplings dumplings rewarded

Activity One: Dragon Boat Race Renee send Hao Li

During the event, the completion of any of a game in the “dream three 2” can participate in the next “Renee dragon boat race,” every day get a Dragon House ceremony.

Dragon boat race, House ceremony filled pocket.

Time: June 18- June 22

Boat Time: June 19- June 23 (complete any involvement in the dragon boat race the day after a game)

Dragon play: to roll the dice to reach the end you can get Dragon House ceremony.


Renee Dragon Boat Race

Roll the dice: the number of progress before deciding to roll the dice, roll the dice game Oh not have been deducted.

Mysterious dumplings: dumplings step in mysterious random mobile steps, if you can get a good character, “a mysterious little gift.”

Rockets: Rockets stepped in, directly toward the finish line!

Black Hole: Black Hole stepped in and flew back to the starting point, the opportunity is not lost, please start over.

End: get Dragon House ceremony to an end, the end of the game, the opportunity to deduct a game.

Players convenient operation on the computer, you can scan two-dimensional code Finally, download the “soul power systems and military orders”, are available in the mobile phone side participation Renee dragon boat race.

Activity Two: Three dumplings mobilize equipment free delivery

1: activity time, the cumulative increase reached 10 points up for war, get Dragon Boat (indefinitely) * 1, paddle boat length (indefinitely) * 1

2: activity time, 10 times the cumulative challenges copy obtained sculls boat (indefinitely) * 1, God’s arms build pages * 1

Three activities: Renee multicolored lines on dumplings free delivery

Activity Time: June 18 – June 22

Activities: activity time, 30 minutes to get online, “Dragon Boat Festival spree.” Orange contains refined stone * 5, optional challenge to make gifts 2 (7 days) * 2, chestnut chicken meat (7 days) * 2, licorice honey bean dumplings (7 days) * 2, sugar Babao rice dumplings (7 days) * 2, gold seafood dumplings (7 days) * 2, mung bean milk dumplings (seven days), platinum pot warm fans of * 2

Activity Four: the system has all the military orders in hand dumplings

Activity Time: June 18 – June 22

Activities: Use “phone system military orders” during the event visit the “dream three 2”, can receive small dumplings turned card + Dragon Boat Paddle (indefinitely).