Detective Di Renjie discovered Buddhism this is the road is only one truth?

2015 annual 3D Dark Xian Xia online games, “Buddhism this is the Road”, hand in costume comedy Wanhe day inference unit should be produced “Detective Di Renjie”, will launch a joint campaign, jointly pay you the world the truth. The collaboration between the drama starring little love, Kodak and other stars to help out, similar to June 10 of “Buddha This is the Road” does not delete files test, opened with the world the truth.

Prior to the exposure station and plot concepts in micro-film, “Buddha this is the Road” are replaced by “the world as you know?” And “also the world you the truth,” as the theme, one after another continually come out thought-provoking suspense connotation. Strangeness dark picture and surprise ending, so that the traditional view of the world was deeply shocked, perfect interpretation of the game’s subversive view of the world background.

The Wanhe Days to following the “Report boss” and “never thought” the big heat, this year joined the original cast of “Detective Di Renjie” Update still impressive, laugh incessantly. This time, “Detective Di Renjie” Collaboration is also known subversive plot “Buddha This is the Road”, which is the online cross-border co-marketing of another bold attempt.

As a costume inference unit comedy, “Detective Di Renjie” directed by a network of well-known affinity of jade supreme surgeon production, the story is set in the period of the Tang Wu Zetian, the classic story of Di Renjie were re-interpreted and adapted. The use of unexpected drama and subversive comedy reasoning classic detective story, while routine, giving it the spirit of the new era of the Internet, these features and “Buddha This is the Road” theme of the game coincide.

Add subversive subversive popular online games popular network drama, it will give us what kind of surprise? Go check it out now!

About “Buddha This is the Road”

“Buddha This is the road” is a real pure 3D real-time combat double-ended online games, with prehistoric pedigree flow – carry the tripod dream ecstatic machine as the basis of the ancient Chinese myth exhaustively and into which frame the grand game world, allowing the player to place in them, to fully experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

“Buddha This is the Road” initiative “Skills ballistic mode” double-ended online games, one-button release even move the operation method, abandoning complicated operation. Unique gods come, wonderful magic Xianshu, carefully crafted True Story of comparable single game story, with beautiful picturesque 3D scenes, allowing the player immersive, enjoy the real myth!