Cowboys running back Dunbar season-ending knee injury

According to the official NFL Network reporter reported that the Dallas Cowboys running back Lance – Dunbar (Lance Dunbar) detected in an MRI after being diagnosed with anterior knee ligament and medial collateral ligament tear, will miss the rest of the season all the games. Dunbar was injured in this week’s game with the New Orleans Saints, he suffered a hit in the attack in the second half kickoff return.

The 4-year running back had played in the team’s new offensive system in a major role, he is expected to usher in the outbreak of a career, but this time injuries to his 2015 season to an abrupt end. The first three games, Dunbar ball 21 times, advancing 215 yards, is the league most often catch running back. Before injury leave, Dunbar has
cheap madden coins completed 54 yards rushing to run. Kristen just back from injury – Michael (Christine Michael) will be reimbursed after the season Dunbar, rotation into the backcourt attack combinations.